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(or, here’s how I did it):
1. It’s such a gorgeous color.
2. It’s on sale to $28 from full-price of $98.
3. Oh, a nice fellow shopper just handed me a 30% off Friends & Family coupon = even more on sale!
4. The style and the cut reminds me of the ladies on Mad Men. 
5. I will wear this dress frequently. I can wear it to brunch, and lunch, and dinner! So cost per wear will be low. Pennies. No, fractions of pennies.
I often buy products for a feeling, for a little piece of a mood that I’d like to slip on.
A pink shift dress isn’t just a piece of clothing – it’s what I’ll wear on a visit to an afternoon tea parlor, where I’ll sip tea and munch on finger sandwiches with a girlfriend.
A pair of black ruffled heels isn’t just a pair of shoes – it’s what will carrry me through a salsa party, when I want to feel lithe and graceful. 
A set of fancy white plates isn’t just for holding food – it’s for presenting meals I’ve carefully crafted for a dinner party filled with good friends and good conversation.
A hardcover book isn’t just for reading (I can, and do, visit the library for that), instead, it’s an addition to a well-edited collection that will one day grace the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves of my home.
It’s easy to reject a purchase on utilitarian grounds, but the pleasure of imaging a more stylish, more put-together and more idealized version of oneself is what ultimately makes me complete the transaction.

Hey, at least I realize it. 😉

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My new phone

LG KC550. 5.0 megapixel.

lg-kc550-pinkDad renewed a 2-year family plan commitment with our carrier, so he and I both got new phones (his is the same model, but in black). Good times in the father-daughter bonding department.

Because this phone has a decent camera, I can hold off on buying a digital camera for another couple of years. My next big electronics purchase shouldn’t come until I need a laptop and/or web cam for school.

I’ve been on a family plan ever since college. At the risk of sounding like a mooch, I don’t see myself getting off the plan until I start my own family (which can be a long while). Many of my friends, it seems, also stay on their parents’ family plan. It’s just so much easier.

(Some young adults I know also stayed on their parents’ auto insurance. My parents kicked me off for liability issues. They have assets to protect, I don’t. Not yet, anyway.)

Readers, how many of you are on family plans?

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The world may be scared of swine H1N1 flu, but I’ve been struck down by a heady case of want-to-spend-money-itis.

Sounds serious? It is!

Here are my symptoms:

1. Eating out with increasing frequency (lunches, dinners, brunches).
2. Shopping on a weeknight. My haul included a silk blouse and a pair of Cole Haans. In my defense, they were on sale.
3. Paying double rent for a couple of weeks in June due to my upcoming apartment move.
4. Being overly influenced by Apartmenttherapy (planning to buy furniture from Craigslist or flea markets, but that still costs money!)
5. Booking a massage for CB and I for Memorial Day weekend ($$).
6. Planning a vacation to Vegas and the Grand Canyon ($$$).
7. Trying to hold back from purchases I want to make, all in the $100+ range.

My partner in crime enabler(!), Revanche, insists on showing me pictures of cute dresses that should NOT be in my budget right now.

Basically, I’m spending a lot of money. Despite the pf blogsophere’s general insistence to the contrary, spending that money does make me happy. Good food and a gorgeous new apartment and new dresses and vacations make me happy.

The problem is, my wallet just can’t sustain such prolonged periods of happiness!

I blame this illness on the summer.

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Gilty pleasure

Ye-ap. I signed up for Gilt Groupe, a members-only online “sample sale” site. Each sale showcases designers and lasts for 36 hours. Prices are discounted up to 70%.

Today’s sale features Christian Louboutin. So before I knew it, I was on the site and sifting through the page. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for my wallet!), most of the styles I liked had already sold out in my size. So… whew!

But, er, take a look. If you dare.

If you’d like to join Gilt, click here to sign up. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Step 1. Ogle cute shoes from Banana Republic.

Step 2. Post picture of said shoes on blog, hope for public validation.

Step 3. Agree with the Yays.

Step 4. Go to website to place order.

Step 5. Realize that my size is sold out.

Step 6. Mourn the loss of the stacked-heeled, round-toed pumps.

Step 7. Increase Freedom Fund by $50.

Thanks for all the comments, guys, I definitely appreciate them. 🙂 Fear not, there will be other decisions to come…

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It’s been confimed. The recession has had no impact on dampening my love for fine paper goods.

I have written of my penchant for thank-you notes by the impeccable Crane & Co. This weekend, on a trip to Target, I fell in love with premium handmade cards fashioned by Papyrus. Forget those $1 or $2 cards you find at drugstores – these cards, with fabric appliqué and glitter and gold foil, are works of art, all in their own.

Their prices, accordingly, are pretty high. At first I have to admit some sticker shock ($5+ for a card?!), but you know, beautiful cards for my beautiful friends! So in the spirit of compromise, I picked up a handful of cards for $4 to $5 each, but skipped the $7+ ones that I liked.

Here are some of my favorite designs, available from the website:

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Yay or Nay?

br-jadaBuy this pair of brown stacked heels from Banana Republic (pictured above).

$48 without tax or shipping.

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