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Off to the museum!

So, I am now going to be a volunteer!

Somehow I managed to get through four years of public high school and four years of private liberal arts education without taking even ONE survey course in art history. With this new opportunity, I hope to remedy that oversight, make new friends, and become a little more involved in my community.

I thought a black suit would be too severe for the interview, so I chose a tweed jumper instead. And the dress is Ann Taylorwhich means… I wore an Ann Taylor dress to an art museum interview. Who’d thought? I don’t know why, but for some reason that’s really funny to me. I guess because it’s so appropriate that it’s a little cliche? At least I didn’t wear pearls.


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To make sure I start off 2008 on the right foot, I’ve put together a list of activities that I want to get involved with. They must 1. help me develop personally and professionally, 2. be something I enjoy (of course!), 3. be something I can commit to for an extended period of time, and 4. be a reasonable item in my budget, given my saving goals for retirement & home ownership.

I’m so excited because now I’ll actually have the time to do something that can be good for myself and for the community.

1. Volunteer at a museum: Application sent & invited to interview. (I must be a masochist for putting myself through another interview process so soon after my job search)*. Price: $50/year for membership dues. However, the arts education offered as a part of the training more than outweigh the cost.

*I’m not sure if being turned down by the volunteer committee would be better or worse than getting rejected for a job. On one hand, if I can’t volunteer at this museum there are a ton of other volunteer opportunities still available. And I won’t starve. And I don’t have to volunteer, whereas I very much have to work. On the other hand, how demoralizing must it be to have someone say, thanks, but we don’t want you. Not even for free.

2. Take a dance class: Researching different studios and classes. I’m considering taking the Rhumba, the Argentine Tango, or Ballroom. My favorite Latin dance is the Cha-Cha, but I can’t find any classes that teaches that dance exclusively. Price: $80-$90 per six-week session. Benefits: exercise & getting back into something that I love… what can be better?

3. Gym: My goal is to go 2x during the week (I KNOW I won’t get up on the weekends for gym). Price: Free. Compliments of work. Must get in shape and build up strength (that’ll be good for my dancing, too). Eating Egg McMuffins all day will surely catch up to me.

4. Make my bed every morning: Mom always nagged me about this ’cause I never did it at home. But, um, maybe Mom’s right. A nicely made bed pulls the room together… and there’s the feeling of folding over the comforter and getting in bed. I can’t do that if the bed’s a rumpled mess already! Price: Free. (This one can be categorized as “personal development”… and no, that’s not a stretch!) 😉

5. Participate in Toastmasters Int’l: There are a couple of local chapters near my house that I want to check out. I’ve taken a speech class in college, but I’m not as articulate as I’d like to be. Joining a “speech club” of sorts will definitely be a step in the right direction. Price: ??? Not sure about any membership dues, but should be low, given that Toastmasters is a nonprofit organization.

6. Get involved with my alma mater. I’ve spoken to an alumna regarding getting on the board of directors for the alumni committee… this is exciting stuff. Price: $100 a year? Board meetings are sometimes held at clubs / hotels / restaurants.

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