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This weekend I’ve spent almost $200:

$100 – car repairs
$30 – prescription
$25 – massage
$25 – gas
$12 – food

For some reason, on the weekend following pay day I always feel less bad about spending a bit more. Besides, my expenditures this weekend were necessities: car repairs, prescription, the massage (hey, I needed it!), gas (gotta drive), and food (gotta eat.. right?). 😉

In other news, September ended uneventfully for the most part… but I think I can safely say that my net worth is in positive territory. With $14,000+ in retirement savings & $6,400 in emergency fund, my assets have finally surpassed the $19,000 student loan. Non-zero net worth? Feels pretty good.


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As of today, my net worth is -$1,701. Less than $2,000 to go and I’ll be in positive territory.

Assets include cash and cash equivalents and investments. Liability is my college student loan.

Compared to six months ago, my net worth has increased by over $8,500. My signing bonus constituted a significant part of that increase. Q307 (September 30) will be the first net worth update after I’ve joined the work force – I hope will have a positive net worth by then.

I start work soon, so the cash inflow (ahem..paychecks!) will help, but there will be many cash outflows due to “starting-out” costs such as apartment deposits and car insurance premiums.

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January 2007 net worth

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now worth -$4,439.90!

Assets increased to $14,560.10, while liabilities stayed constant at $19,000. The increase would’ve been even bigger had I not spent like there’s NO TOMORROW during winter break. Still, I am very pleased with my net worth this month.

Less than $5,000 to go and I’ll have a net worth of a big, fat, ZERO. 😉

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