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I saw Julie & Julia tonight – and though I can never, ever imagine myself intrepid enough to conquer 536 recipes in 365 days, I figured I CAN strive to accomplish one task – the Boeuf Bourguignon.

And so I shall.

Before I embark on this mini-project, however, I will need to purchase a casserole. According to the recipe, I need a 9 to 10 inch fireproof casserole, 3 inches deep.

Anyone have advice on what sort of a casserole I should get? On the one hand, because I’m not going to turn into either Julie OR Julia, something for the budget-conscious would be appreciated. On the other hand, I don’t want to purchase a pot that would fall apart or be too thin or heat unevenly, or whatever it is that inferior bakeware does.

So, I am gathering the recipe, I will purchase the necessary cookware and supplies, and I will try to hold a little dinner party for the (un?)fortunate souls who will be trying my first and perhaps only attempt at French cooking. (Is it just me, or does boning a duck hold no appeal what so ever?)

For you guys, I promise a tally of what this project will cost me. And pictures. 🙂

It’s summer time, and love’s in the air.

The whole thing started when RevancheGS and I were chatting, and I (somehow having momentarily regressed to 8th grade), asked her who her male PF Blog Crush is. And I thought it’d be funny to ask that question to, well, other people.

The “rules” are such:

1. Your PF Blog Crush can be any personal finance blog written by a member opposite sex (or, a member of the sex you are attracted to in real life).

2. Add a couple sentences (or more, if you really can’t hold back) on why you find that particular blog / blogger attractive. I.e.,  “The way he budgets just makes my knees go weak!” Or, “She sounds so exciting when she talks about the deal she got at the tire store.”

3. It doesn’t matter if that blogger is attached (it’s all just fun. No homewrecking on this blog, promise!).

4. You can be a blogger or a reader. You can comment anonymously if you’re shy.

5. Please send this to your friends / tweet (please use shortened url at moourl.com/blogcrush) – the more people who chimes in, the more fun it’ll be.

Next week, I’ll do a little summary post on all the crushin’ going on in the PF blogosphere.

And…. let the commenting begin! 😉

Goodbye Caroline

“Caroline” and I were close friends in middle school. We hung out a lot, slept over at each other’s houses, checked out eyeshadow at the local Bath & Body Works, giggled about boys we had crushes on and worked as partners on a science project.

But after middle school, we headed to different high schools. We gradually drifted apart. At first, I tried to stay in touch. I called, emailed, and AIM-ed her. We tried to set something up several times, but she was usually busy with other things. Then she got a boyfriend and got even more preoccupied. I wasn’t mad (okay, maybe I was a tiny bit mad) – I understood that we were growing up and life gets busy and sometimes that means growing apart. We didn’t see each other in person again after middle school, even though we only lived 15 minutes apart.

I made an effort to stay in touch for a long time. But eventually I realized I was 19, still trying to resurrect a friendship that has faded away five years prior. So I let it go. For a long time I was a bit saddened that this wonderful friend of my childhood is now, for all intents and purposes, just another girl I’d pass by on the street.

A couple of years ago I saw her at a local CPK. Caroline didn’t notice me, and I didn’t go up to her and say hi. The whole reintroduction would’ve felt a little strained. Not because there are bad feelings between us, but because we are different people now, and even though we had been best friends at 13, we were almost strangers at 23.

I haven’t thought about Caroline for a long time. When I read Krystal’s post on a friend whom she is no longer close to, however, Caroline was the first name to leap to my mind. Last I heard, she is going to graduate school somewhere in California. I hope she is doing well.

So it turns out that some waiters are trained to aim the check at the man – I never knew that!

Curiously, I received a comment from a reader who said that in her experience as a waitress, men tend to be better tippers. Another waitress commented that while the men tends to pay, she hasn’t noticed any difference between men and women tippers. According to the couple of surveys that I could find, men are definitely better tippers (see Hitched Mag and 2002 HCareers Survey).

Boyfriend and I are fairly close in terms of tipping (around 18%-20% for lunch and dinner). However, I think that my range of tipping is wider than his. For example, if I have received absolutely fantastic service, I would be more likely to tip 25% than he is. On the other hand, if the service is dismal, I have no problem tipping 10%, whereas boyfriend might feel that’s a little bit low.

Another interesting difference I’ve noticed is that boyfriend tip for take-out pick-up, whereas I usually don’t. Boyfriend also puts his change into those tip jars at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. I hold on to my change (they come in handy when I need coins for meter parking). So, I guess in the grander scheme of things, boyfriend is probably the better tipper by a slim margin.

Even so, I’m not quite convinced that our difference can be attributed to gender – boyfriend has a sibling who works in the service industry, so that aspect is probably more influential on his tipping practice than his gender.

I would like input from readers (especially those of you who has worked as waiters / waitresses) – have you noticed that either men or women tend to be better tippers? Why do you think that is?

When boyfriend and I go out to dinner, we usually split the check. Other times, one of us would pick up the whole tab.

I’ve noticed something interesting – when we ask for the check, sometimes the waiter/waitress would place the check towards boyfriend, clearly in his direction or by his arms (on the flip side, I’ve never received a check that was clearly in my direction – it’d be in the middle of the table).

Is the waiter subconsciously nodding to the traditional man-paying-for-dinner practice? Or maybe boyfriend always sits towards outside of the table.

I’m not offended, just found it curious.

Has anyone experienced something similar?